Valentina (3 new items)

Valentina, Italian busty nude model


Valentina, Italian busty nude model

Ale Rose Bunny

Glamour set in studio with Ale Rose Bunny

Eliza Mills, provocative

Glamour and sensual shoot with Eliza Mills

Eliza Mills, sensual indoor

Glamour shoot with Eliza Mills from UK

Georgia Fitness Model

Georgia is an Italian Fitness Model. She practices body building and her body is like a sculpture. I shot with a Canon 6D and a Fujifilm XT-20 cameras. I used a 50 prime with the Canon and a vintage 50 prime Nikon adapted on the Fuji for the backstage.

Sharin Manni

Editorial published on Musashi Magazine :


Yanna, glamour indoor

Roarie Yum

Nude photography

Caterina Brunoni - Essence

Essential nude shoot with Caterina, unconvetional model


Giorgia Soleri for Koniakow handmade lingerie

Giorgia Soleri - Koniakow

The Italian model Giorgia Soleri for Koniakow hand-made lingerie.

Koniakow - Sara

Sara Crepaldi - Koniakow handmade lingerie

Julia Yaroshenko

Julia Yaroshenko - indoor / outdoor glamour

Gaia Pedani Glamour

Gaia Pedani Glamour Set

Gaia Pedani

Gaia Pedani - eyewear testimonial


Erika Albonetti


Indoor beauty

Koniakow - Tania

Koniakow Handmade Lingerie

Glittered Models

Glittered Models wants to show the beauty of glamour featuring the photos that I've taken working as a glamour photographer.